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How to find the Library and Archives Network in the new CSIC website: "Open Science"

Friday, 12 July 2019

With the new CSIC website, information regarding the CSIC Library and Archive Network can be found as follows:

- "Open science" label in the top right menu

- In the web, lower part, photograph of a "Library" sign on a glass door. Positioning yourself with the mouse will appear "Files and Libraries. All the knowledge of the CSIC at your disposal. "

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Tuesday, 18 June 2019

On the occasion of the celebration - on 5th June - of the World Environment Day and with the aim of making explicit the special link between the work of the CID Institutes (IQAC and IDAEA) and the international commitment in this regard, it has been placed on the wall next to the main entrance of the Sala D'Actes, the exhibition conTIMEminació, an original work by the artist Francisco Martínez Gómez, with the collabora

Online training WoS - june 2019

Friday, 24 May 2019

Fecyt and Clarivate have organized the "First Cycle of online training of the Web of Science database" that will take place from June 3 to 7, 2019.

From May 23 it is possible to register in such training.

It is very important to register on the FECYT web page with an institutional email account, and to include all the personal data that is requested, since this will be how they appear in the certificate of attendance to the Web of Science training course, which will issue a few weeks after the celebration of it.