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Direct2AAM, a system to recover manuscripts accepted by the author

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Direct2AAM is a tool to facilitate authors' self-archiving in a simple, fast and adequate way. Direct2AAM is a set of guides to convert the often unsuccessful search for manuscripts accepted by the author (AAM in English) into a set of instructions capable of generating results.


The guides, available for most major journals, provide simple instructions for authors to obtain a Manuscript accepted by the author of their journal submission system, where the AAM is kept during the publication process.


Monday, 19 November 2018

Editorial CSIC has decided to eliminate the need to register as a user on the platform in order to download PDF files of free books.

This measure is intended to further facilitate free access to a significant part of the publisher's production.

To receive notifications and the monthly newsletter in electronic format, it will be necessary to be registered as a user on the platform, you must also select the option "Receive notifications and news" in your registry.

Web of Science's Training in the CID next day 8 de november

Monday, 29 October 2018

Next day, November 8, a personal training of the Web of Science will be held at the Research and Development Center (CID-CSIC).

We inform that the deadline to register for this training is already open.

It is very important to register correctly, and to include all the personal information that is requested, given that this will be as they appear on the attendance certificate, which will be sent three weeks after the session.

The link to register for this course is: