The Dermo-Cosmetic Evaluation Service of the IQAC-CSIC, obtains the certification in Good Laboratory Practices

The Dermo-Cosmetic Service Department of the Institute of Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia (IQAC), of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), directed by M Lluïsa Coderch, has been certified to work according to Good Laboratory Practices (BPL) in the percutaneous absorption assays. "It should be noted that it is the first CSIC Service that obtains it," says researcher M Lluïsa Coderch.

The Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), is a set of rules, operational procedures and practices established and promulgated by certain organizations such as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA ), which are considered mandatory to ensure the quality and integrity of the data produced in certain types of research or studies.

The GLP standards constitute, in essence, a work philosophy, they are an organization system of everything that in some way intervenes in the conduct of a study or procedure aimed at the investigation of any chemical or biological product that may have an impact on the human species. They are a quality system that involves the organization of a research laboratory. This system establishes the conditions under which the studies carried out by a laboratory are planned, performed, controlled, recorded, archived and reported.

The Dermo-Cosmetic Evaluation Service was established in 2002. This service is divided into three groups: the Cutaneous Efficacy group, the Capillary Efficacy group and the Percutaneous Absorption group, which has just received this work certification.

The Percutaneous Absorption group specializes in determining the absorption profile through the skin of any compound that is applied topically. To that end, an experimental in vitro methodology adopted by the OECD is used. For its part, the Cutaneous Efficacy group specializes in the evaluation of the effectiveness of formulations applied to the skin and nails and the Capillary Efficacy group works in the in vitro evaluation of the effectiveness of cosmetic products applied to human hair.

These groups develop their activity focused on the needs of the industrial sector (pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, and textile) and, in addition, carry out studies focused on their own research and those of other groups that require their support of scientific specialization.

In the photo the Dermo-Cosmetic Evaluation team. Above, from left to right: Isabel Yuste, Cristina Alonso, Clara Barba and M Lluïsa Coderch. Below, from left to right: Meritxell Martí and Marc A. Oliver.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019