Romŕ Tauler

Research Professor  at CSIC

Institute of Environmental Assessment

and Water Research (IDĆA)



Department of Environmental Chemistry

Jordi Girona, 18 08034-Barcelona

Tel. +(34) 93 400 61 40
Fax. +(34) 93 204 59 04


ERC Advanced Grant: CHEMometric and High-Throughput Omics Analytical Methods for Assessment of Global Change Effects on Environmental and Biological Systems, Grant agreement no.: 320737, 2013-2018


Best chemometrician of the year,  2009 EAS award,  Eastern Analytical Symposium, Sommerset, New Jersey (USA), Nov. 17th 2009


2009 Kowalski Prize, to the best applied  chemometrics paper in J. of  Chemometrics

Use of local rank-based spatial information for resolution of spectroscopic images, J Chemometrics 2008, 22, 291-298.  Anna Anna de Juan, Marcel Maeder,  Thomas Hancewiz and R.Tauler


Chief Editor principal of the Journal  Chemometrics and International Laboratory Systems.


Chief Editor of the  MAJOR REFERENCE WORK: COMPREHENSIVE CHEMOMETRICS, Chemical and Biochemical Data Analysis (Elsevier) 4 vol, more than 100 chapters and more than 3000 pag) which is intended to be published at the beginning of 2009 year.


President of the Catalan Society of Chemistry, Institut d’Estudis Catalans(from 2008-2014)