1) Calculation of boundaries of feasible bands associated to MCR solutions (requires MATLAB optimization toolbox)


Get the set of m functions, papers  and examples of use: feasible.rar


2) Calculation of MCR solutions using FMIN algorithm


Get the set of m functions, papers and examples of use: fmin.rar


3) New MCR-WALS (including uncertainties)


Get the AWLS m function, papers and example: awls.rar


4) MCR-ALS for multiway data analysis


Get MCR-ALS functions, papers and examples to perform special multiway data analysis (trilinearity, quadrilinearity, interaction and incomplete data analysis): multiwat.rar,


5) MCR-ALS for 1st_order calibration (temporal)


Get MCR-ALS functions, papers and examples  to use the correlation constraint regr.zip


6) Old MCR-ALS command line program


Get several MCR-ALS function: mcr_als.zip



Get ROIMCR functions and protocol roimcr.zip


8) Miscellanea


Get miscellaneous functions to perform several tasks related with MCR methods: other.zip