Seminari dels "Environmental Sciences Seminar Series" el pròxim dijous 22 de març a la Sala d'Actes a les 12:00h

És un plaer anunciar un seminari dels "Environmental Sciences Seminar Series". El pròxim dijous 22 de març a la sala d'actes a les 12:00h, farà una presentació:



Prof. Rainer Lohmann

Professor of Oceanography Director URI Superfund Research Center 'STEEP' Fellow, HanseWissenschaftsKolleg

People, plastics and pollutants: Passive sampling of POPs in the Great Lakes (and beyond)




Polyethylene passive samplers were simultaneously deployed in surface water and near surface atmosphere to assess sources, spatial trends and air-water exchange of organic pollutants in the Great Lakes region 2011-2014. Passive samplers were chosen to obtain a large spatial coverage of sites, and directly measure the fraction of pollutants available for cycling between media. Legacy pollutants were - by and large - volatilizing from the water; hence the lower Great Lakes acted as a secondary source to the atmosphere.
Yet in most cases, on-going sources affected spatial trends of emerging and emerged organic pollutants in the Great Lakes region. Spatial distributions of freely dissolved organic pollutants in Lakes Erie and Ontario were influenced by loadings from contaminated sites and water circulation patterns. The Niagara River and contaminated sites were identified as important sources of contamination in the lower Great Lakes. Future work will focus on proof-of-principle studies using passive samplers in the waters of the world (AQUA-GAPS) and characterizing the uptake of ionic chemicals by passive samplers.


dimecres, 28 febrer 2018