SciDFTalks: Science Diplomacy (18/07/2018, 18:15h, Residència d'Investigadors, Barcelona)

SciDF is glad to welcome you to our next special SciDF Talks about science diplomacy, with high-profile speakers, joining us from all Europe.

The aim of this event is to introduce the field of science diplomacy and hear how it is implemented internationally, in Europe, Spain and in Catalonia.

There are many reasons why science diplomacy has gained in importance in recent years.

Global challenges don’t recognise any borders and often have to be solved through international collaborations, relying on political exchange and scientific knowledge. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals is one prominent example of this.

Furthermore the universal character of science and research promotes collaboration in international relations through multinational projects or international infrastructure amendments, even in the extreme cases when usual routes of communication, politics and diplomacy have failed.

Science Diplomacy can also be used to facilitate integration of companies abroad and promote national interests.

Therefore many states, in collaboration with a variety of stakeholders and non-state actors including universities, civil society, international organizations and business have recently begun to publish their science diplomacy strategies. Spain has published its strategy very recently, in 2016.

We are looking forward to welcome you and your friends to this SciDF Talks. Don’t forget to register here.

Wednesday 18th July (18:15 h)
Residència d'Investigadors
C/ Hospital, 64


Event language will be English.

Free Networking Apero will be offered after the event.

Meet our four experts:

Casimiro Vizzini – Expert in the Division of Science Policy and Capacity Building at UNESCO
Foto de Montserrat Daban  Montserrat Daban – Head of International Relations, Secretariat for Universities and Research of the Government of Catalonia
Lorenzo Melchor – Science Coordinator in the Spanish Embassy in London
Octavi Quintana Trias – Director of the PRIMA Foundation



dilluns, 16 juliol 2018