Workshop IDAEA - Sequence analysis for biogeochemistry and microbial ecology

The aim of this intensive workshop is to introduce and discuss current pipelines of analyses of sequencing data in the field of microbial ecology.The workshop will the participants on the practical aspects of data analysis through R/ tidyverse for data science .

Keynote lecturer: Dr Daniel Lundin (Linnaeus University, Sweden)

It is a great pleasure to invite you to the workshop on analyses of sequencing data (meta-omics) we are organizing in IDAEA-CSIC the coming month (5 to 7th of November).

We will discuss current pipelines of analyses, including practical training using R package tidyverse. The course is given by Dr Daniel Lundin (Linnaeus University, Sweden), expert in bioinformatics and computational biology, who has a long experience with this kind of analyses as well as giving training courses.

Please, send me an email if you are interested to participate. First come, first served (max 20 participants). The workshop is free of charge. We assume a basic knowledge of R language to follow the practical part.

Feel free to forward the information to your institutes and whoever might be interested

We hope to see you in IDAEA!



 Workshop flyer



05/11/2018 to 07/11/2018
Lunes, 8 de Octubre de 2018