"PostBooks 2: (Hi)story of the Book" exhibition at the CID-CSIC Library

From April 23 you can already visit the CID Library the exhibition "Postbooks 2: (Hi)story of the Book", which consists of 2 sections:

1. A chronological narration of the history of the book from its origins to the present. This narrative is divided, in turn, into two parts

- The manuscript times: the ancient and medieval book
- The revolutions of the book: printing, technology and mass dissemination
In total, there are 38 text panels (that collect texts from different authors about the history of the book) that accompany more than 40 sculptural pieces that illustrate this path.

2. Also part of "PostBooks 2" is an installation -La Biblioteca de Babel- that illustrates with sculptures different passages of the well-known story by Jorge Luis Borges.


...Se cuenta en todas partes que en las inmediaciones de Maguncia vivía este Juan, conocido como Gutenberg, que fue el primer inventor de la imprenta, sólo gracias a los caracteres metálicos, los libros se fabrican rápida, correcta y elegantemente...


Wednesday, 24 April 2019