Conference at the Residence for Researchers: "Unexplored Antarctica" by Ramón Larramendi, with Jordi Dachs

Ramón Larramendi is one of the most recognized polar explorers on an international level, an activity that was pioneering in Spain. Throughout his life he has traveled more than 33,700 kilometers through the Arctic and the Antarctic without any motorized means.

He is the creator of the eco-vehicle Sledge of Wind, resorted to his last adventure "Antarctica Inexplored", 2,538 kilometers, along with 3 other explorers, crossing the Antarctic plateau, one of the most unknown regions of the planet, with a zero emission vehicle.

Last Thursday, 30th May, we had the opportunity to know the scientific and technical characteristics of this adventure by Ramón Larramendi, from the creation of the Sledge of Wind, to the content and magnitude of some of the studies carried out at this shipment

The IDAEA-CSIC "Global Change and Genomic Biogeochemistry" group has participated in the scientific part of the "Unexplored Antarctica" expedition, activities that were briefly exhibited by Professor Jordi Dachs at the same event. This study deals with the global transport of organic pollutants and, specifically, the arrival of this to the Antarctic via atmospheric.




Monday, 3 June 2019