Job offer for Project Manager and Fundraiser at IDAEA

WE OFFER: To work for a leading multidisciplinary environmental research institute with the primary objective of enhancing research potential and output by attracting external funding and promoting synergistic interaction between research groups.

JOB DESCRIPTION: The successful applicant will be responsible for the expansion of research activities within the institute by raising income received by the various IDAEA research groups.

CONTRACT DURATION: Two years, with likely 2-years extension and the possibility of further extension depending on the success achieved in attracting funding.

  - Doctorate in Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geology, Biological Science, Pharmacy, Physics or other sciences relevant to IDAEA research work.
  - Bilingual in English (Cambridge 1st Certificate or TOEFL or similar).
  - Highly organised, efficient and capable of multi-tasking.
  - Dynamic, positive personality with an excellent ability to communicate and work with professionals from different scientific disciplines.
  - Readiness to travel.

Especial importance will be given to applicants with direct experience in scientific research and working with national and international research consortia.

Those interested in applying for this position should send their CV accompanied by a letter explaining their motivation no later than 20th November 2019 to Teresa Moreno (



 Fundraiser Job Offer information sheet



dimecres, 30 octubre 2019