Lactation room

The lactation room is already a reality as a result of one of the initiatives and demands of the Equality Commission. It has been possible to adapt the toilet for people with reduced mobility located on the first floor of the Pascual Vila building, so that mothers can extract the milk comfortably, storing it properly and, at the end of their workday, take it at home. Being able to do this allows women who decide to breastfeed to keep the milk so that the person who is taking care of the baby feeds it, and also makes them continue to produce the necessary amount of milk, since if the milk is not removed, the mother's body interprets it as not being needed, so no more is produced, in other words the more that is taken out, either when the baby feeds or when the mother takes it out to give when she is not with he, the greater the production; hence the importance of lactation rooms at work.

The space is generous, it has an armchair, a heater, a folding shelf and a small 10-litre refrigerator. Access is limited to people who require the space due to reduced mobility or breastfeeding .