The administrative area of ​​Assets (Patrimoni-Patrimonio) of the CID manages the inventory of the CID-CSIC. When a purchase is made, it is responsible for registering the CID-CSIC's non-expendable goods of a certain value (scientific equipment, computer applications, machinery, furniture and work equipment, household appliances, vehicles, etc.). Logically, it also deals with inventory deregistration of devices that no longer work or have become obsolete, with prior information from the scientific staff, filling out a document on the CID-CSIC Intranet.

Path: CID intranet > (username and password) > CID Patrimoni  > Low inventory/Baixa Inventari > (doc) low.xls > save document and fill it out > send it by e- mail at:

If any device is permanently moved to another laboratory or place, it is advisable for the laboratory staff to report this fact by sending an e-mail at:, because it is important to know where they are located, in case of an audit, query, or specific need for use.

Finally, the Assets (Patrimoni-Patrimonio)  Service can provide information on scientific equipment (in the case of claims and purchase guarantees, for justification files, to have an internal dossier of the equipment linked to a project, etc.)

The inventory labels (normally, with this information: CSIC inventory number, inventory number in the Center and related invoice) that the devices carry indicate the link with a certain institute (CID, IQAC, IDAEA) of the Center.

Do not ever cover, paint over, or even remove any label (neither old, nor new, nor the labels of other entities, etc.) that can be found on the scientific or computer devices: it provides a lot of information to help to identify the object. Always help to preserve and keep the labels on the device.

The Assets (Patrimoni-Patrimonio) Service is located in the Main Building of the CID (Building 1, Pascual Vila Building), on the ground floor, administrative offices area. Entering into the place through Jordi Girona Street, left corridor, door 1140, but you can easily contact us electronically at

A final proposal: a virtual tour through the Scientific Heritage of the CSIC, to close this Assets (Patrimoni-Patrimonio) presentation: