Talent Attraction

IDÆA is a multidisciplinary research institute focused on the scientific understanding of key environmental challenges facing society. IDÆA´s investigation, training, and education programmes cultivate fertile ground for cross-subject innovation from local to global scales. Since its foundation a decade ago IDÆA has striven to perform at an outstanding level on environmental research, guided by the principle that our scientific understanding of current threats to global ecosystems is best approached from a holistic, systems-based viewpoint. We have followed our mission to aim high by leading international projects, adopting a high profile in the scientific community, and publishing prolifically in Q1 and D1 journals. Our staff members include individuals belonging to the elite group of scientists most cited in atmospheric science and water chemistry. We have just (December 2019) been presented with the highly prestigious Severo Ochoa Centre of Excellence award, making us the leading Environmental Science research institute in Spain. Our ambition, strong analytical base, and proven record to date have placed us in an optimal research position to launch a new phase of expansion.

The Institute aims to build on the existing strong cohort of active researchers by attracting exceptional new researchers who can contribute to achieving the strategic targets of our research priorities. This is being done by using open competitive calls to hire young postdoc researchers and by attracting national and international talented researchers with proven high profile success (e.g. ERC grants) at a postdoctoral or senior level. These researchers will constitute a nucleus for future projects and collaborations with EU and International Institutes.

With the Severo Ochoa award one to three year contracts will be funded, with extra financial support (20,000€) provided to help the beginning of the new researcher’s activities. In addition, new research staff will receive help and advice on administrative issues (social security, taxation, etc.), accommodation, family support in health, education, leisure and culture issues. IDÆA is based in an attractive greenfield site in Barcelona, is extremely well served by public transport, and lies conveniently close to both the international airport and high speed train station.
Interested applicants should submit by email (director.idaea@csic.es) a short CV (1-2 pages) together with a 2-page document describing their main research line and activities to be developed at IDÆA. Please title the email: “Talent Attraction”.


 IDAEA Talent Attraction Offer


Martes, 4 de Febrero de 2020