Chemistry in October, October by José Luis Sampedro

Last May 16, Dr. Gregori Valencia gave the Chemistry lecture to October, October of José Luis Sampedro at the Residence of Researchers of the CSIC. In his dissertation, he introduced us to his biography and his work. Through his book October, October, Gregori Valencia showed us the humanist of the twentieth century who was Sampedro, and the link between chemistry, and generally between science and his literary work, with a series of quotations from the book object of the conference, As well as in other of his works.

The overflowing humanism of José Luis Sampedro makes him interested in each and every human activity. Science is no exception and already speaks to us in the first literary work that publishes (Congress in Stockholm, 1951). Going even further there, in its main piece: October, October, chooses as a protagonist a chemist. Through the mouth of Agatha speaks of science in 37 passages of the book. In the conference we will review the life and interest in the science of Sampedro as well as some of the scientific references of this book.

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Lugar: Residence of Researchers. c. Hospital, 64. Barcelona

Monday, 22 May 2017