Job offer for Master Degree in Nb4D researche group at the IQAC

Food safety. Detection of antibiotics in milk.


   - Motivated person interested in doing a Masters work
   - Degree in biology or analytical chemistry
   - High level of English is desired
   - Availability from February to July 2020



dijous, 25 juliol 2019

Jornada divulgativa per a explicar les actuacions de l'IDAEA a Vallcebre

Jornada de divulgació, amb la participació de Pilar Llorens i Jérôme Latron del grup Surface Hydrology and Erosion de l'IDAEA, per a explicar les actuacions forestals implementades a Vallcebre i del seguiment de l’aigua.

Dia: 26 de juliol
Hora: 10:30 h
Lloc: Local Social de l'Ajuntament de Vallcebre


dilluns, 22 juliol 2019

The PhD Researcher Mercè Hereu from the IQAC will defend her PhD thesis

Mercè Hereu from the IQAC will defend her PhD thesis on 19th July at the Faculty of Biology.

Title: Role of D-Fagomine and Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on gut microbiota and related metabolic changes in healthy rats and in a model of fat-induced pre-diabetes
Speaker:  Mercè Hereu

dijous, 18 juliol 2019

Job offer for PhD student in leading research group at IDAEA-CSIC

We offer a 3-year contract for a PhD candidate to join a leading research team in atmospheric pollution and indoor environments. The Environmental Geochemistry and Atmospheric Research (EGAR) team develops research on atmospheric aerosols and gaseous pollutant with a combined air quality and climate focus. We also carry out research on occupational exposure to aerosols in industrial settings.

Research topic: Occupational exposure to fine and ultrafine particles in harbour areas: physico-chemical and toxicological characterisation of atmospheric aerosols.


dijous, 18 juliol 2019

PhD Thesis Defense by Marta Turull at CID-CSIC

We communicate that Marta Turull López defends his PhD Thesis on 19th July at the CID-CSIC.

Title: Novel developments in the Diffusive Gradient in Thin films (DGT) technique for the determination of bioavailable mercury and other trace metals in aquatic and terrestrial environments
Speaker:  Marta Turull López


dimecres, 17 juliol 2019

Second meeting on sanitation security plans linked to the reuse of the Gavà-Viladecans ERA

IDAEA-CSIC, CUADLL, the Parc Agrari and Aigües de Barcelona are beneficiaries of WaterProtect, while many other entities involved in water use and management in the Baix LLobregat have expressed their support for the project.

WaterProtect relates to the Horizon 2020 Programme social challenge “Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime and inland water research and the bioeconomy “, and addresses the Topic: Water farms – improving farming and supply of drinking water.


dimecres, 17 juliol 2019

Candidate for PhD Grant to work in the area of Environmental Toxicology at IDAEA Institute

We are seeking a pre-doctoral student to work in the area of Environmental Toxicology. One of the goals of our current research is to study the effects of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) in aquatic organisms at different molecular levels using Systems Biology approaches. This will allow us to better understand the mode of action of EDCs assessing the environmental stress and risks induced by chemical pollutants in both the environment and human health.

dimarts, 16 juliol 2019

Diana Álvarez in the "IDAEA weekly seminar series" on 17th July

Announcement for IDAEA weekly seminar series taking place this Wednesday 17th at CID – Sala d'Actes room at 12 am.

Speaker: Diana Álvarez Muñoz
Title: Interacction organic contaminants-aquatic organisms: environmental and human exposure


dijous, 11 juliol 2019

Job offer for Master Thesis - 'Desarrollo de una estrategia analítica para la detección de efectos reprotóxicos de plastificantes en peces'

Formación: Ensayos in-vitro para la detección de disruptores endocrinos en diversas matrices ambientales. Estrategias analíticas para la detección de perfiles de esteroides en células de peces. Uso de UPLC- ESI(+)-QqQ. Análisis y tratamiento de datos.

Oferta destinada preferentemente a estudiantes de master en las áreas de Bioquímica, Química y Biología.

dilluns, 8 juliol 2019

Francisco Martínez Gómez (CID) y Fernando del Blanco (Biblioteca-CID) en el 20 minutos

Francisco Martínez Gómez (CID) y Fernando del Blanco (Biblioteca-CID) en el Blog del diario 20minutos, Ciencia para llevar - El Blog del CSIC. Paco, como artista creador de la exposición conTIMEminació, actualmente expuesta en el Passadís del Pont del CID-CSIC, y Fernando, como redactor del artículo publicado.

El Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) tiene mucho que contar porque se investiga en todas las áreas del conocimiento y se trabaja en 125 centros distribuidos en todas las comunidades autónomas, lo que les convierte en el mayor organismo público de investigación de España. En este blog colectivo Ciencia para llevar - El Blog del CSIC de 20minutos, impulsado por el Área de Cultura Científica, se habla de los avances y curiosidades de la ciencia. Se hace con píldoras cuidadosamente preparadas para llevar y tomar.

divendres, 5 juliol 2019