Concurs de "Els Monòlegs del Club de la Ciència"

La Fundació Catalana per a la Recerca i la Innovació (FCRi), conjuntament amb les entitats que formen part de la Comissió Organitzadora de la Setmana de la Ciència, convoquen un concurs de monòlegs científics que es farà en el marc de la Setmana de la Ciència 2019. L’objectiu del concurs es promoure la comunicació de la ciència d’una manera sintètica, amena i entenedora i utilitzant únicament les habilitats comunicatives personals, sense el suport d’eines per a presentacions.

dimecres, 28 agost 2019

Job offer. Candidate for PhD grant on behaviour and toxicogenomics.

We are seeking a pre-doctoral student to work in the area of behaviour and toxicogenomics. One of the goals of our current research is to study the mechanisms that regulated neuro-behavioral responses and the effects of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) in the aquatic and model organism Daphnia magna at different molecular levels using Systems Biology approaches. About 80% of the molecular targets of toxic chemicals are conserved in humans and Daphnia and the former species is not subject to ethical experimental animal regulations.

dimecres, 28 agost 2019

IV Training Course on Positive Matrix Factorization on 5‐7th February 2020 at the IDAEA-CSIC

Atmospheric particulate matter (PM) is a complex mixture of particles emitted by multiple sources. Positive Matrix Factorization (PMF) is a widely used receptor model to
perform PM source apportionment studies, identifying main sources of pollution and estimating their contributions to PM concentrations in ambient air.

International experts on receptor models and their applications to environmental sciences will offer a comprehensive training course on the use of USEPA PMF 5 program.

dijous, 1 agost 2019

Predoctoral contract for 3 years offer for Doctoral Thesis in leading research group at IDAEA-CSIC

The ENFOCHEM research group offers a doctoral thesis within the CYCLIC Project of the National Plan.

The project proposes innovative tools to assess the environmental fate of polar organic pollutants and assess their risks to human health and to ecosystems in a climate change scenario. The project has a strong multidisciplinary nature and offers marked synergies in several scientific disciplines: environment, toxicology and natural resources management.


dimarts, 30 juliol 2019

Alba Lozano Letellier in the "IDAEA weekly seminar series" on 31st July

Announcement for IDAEA weekly seminar series taking place this Wednesday 31st at CID – Sala d'Actes room at 12 am.

Speaker: Alba Lozano Letellier
Title: Geochemistry of rare earth elements in acid mine drainage precipitates


dimarts, 30 juliol 2019

Curso de Tecnologías de Nano y Microencapsulación

Nueva edición del "Curso de Tecnologías de Nano y Microencapsulación" que organiza el grupo de Surface Chemistry, dirigido por el Dr. Jordi Esquena.

Se impartirá en Barcelona entre el 15 y el 18 de octubre, mediante una colaboración entre el Consorcio Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo Barcelona (CUIMPB) - Centre Ernest Lluch, y la Fundación General CSIC, a través del programa Formavanz. Ello permite unas tarifas de inscripción económicas.


divendres, 26 juliol 2019

Job offer for a 3-year contract in the Environmental Toxicology research group

The Environmental Toxicology group (IDAEA-CSIC) is looking for predoctoral candidates for a 3-year contract to work on the development of 3D spheroid cultures of fish liver cells as an alternative model to assess the toxicity and metabolism of plastic additives.

dijous, 25 juliol 2019

Job offer for Master Degree in Nb4D researche group at the IQAC

Food safety. Detection of antibiotics in milk.


   - Motivated person interested in doing a Masters work
   - Degree in biology or analytical chemistry
   - High level of English is desired
   - Availability from February to July 2020



dijous, 25 juliol 2019

Jornada divulgativa per a explicar les actuacions de l'IDAEA a Vallcebre

Jornada de divulgació, amb la participació de Pilar Llorens i Jérôme Latron del grup Surface Hydrology and Erosion de l'IDAEA, per a explicar les actuacions forestals implementades a Vallcebre i del seguiment de l’aigua.

Dia: 26 de juliol
Hora: 10:30 h
Lloc: Local Social de l'Ajuntament de Vallcebre


dilluns, 22 juliol 2019

The PhD Researcher Mercè Hereu from the IQAC will defend her PhD thesis

Mercè Hereu from the IQAC will defend her PhD thesis on 19th July at the Faculty of Biology.

Title: Role of D-Fagomine and Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on gut microbiota and related metabolic changes in healthy rats and in a model of fat-induced pre-diabetes
Speaker:  Mercè Hereu

dijous, 18 juliol 2019