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POST-BOOKS, NEOBOOKS, NO BOOKS: A reinterpretation journey

The POST-BOOKS exhibition performs a journey of inquiry into the format, the morphology, the poetics and the mythology of the book. Through the insertion and extraction of elements, transformation, exploration of its trace, its marks, its shadow, its structure and, also of its disappearance, 4-Elements propose a contemporary reflection on its identity and on Its traditional role as a fetish element of knowledge and culture and as a repository and means of expression of information, creation and science.


Starting from a deep questioning of the classic paradigm of relation between libraries and books (in the sense of formats and objects), a new conceptual and critical framework is insinuated, under which we propose some questions: what are libraries and what will be in the future ? What place will the book occupy in the idea we have of it? ... where will the book be then?


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Pre-Book exhibition

Post-Book exhibition

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