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New search filter in our catalog for Simurg records, CSIC digitized collections

Friday, 30 July 2021

The CSIC Libraries and Archives Network Catalog has been enabled to limit the search only to records available in Simurg, CSIC's digitized collections. This new option is located in the drop-down filters of the simple and advanced search and joins the existing partial filters of the Archives Catalog, the Bibliographic Catalog and the Institutional Repository DIGITAL.CSIC.  The aim is to make it easier for users and staff to locate digitized documents in Simurg.

The filter can be used in the simple search:

CSIC reinforces its support for open science by signing agreements with DOAB and OpenCitations

Saturday, 3 July 2021

Within the dynamics of CSIC to actively collaborate with those institutions that promote all kinds of practices related to open science (in some initiatives as established and well known as ArXivCOARDataCite o DOAJ) CSIC has added this year its collaboration with DOAB and OpenCitation.

CSIC, Crue and Springer Nature sign transformative agreement to boost open access publishing in Spanish research institutions

Tuesday, 1 June 2021

The CSIC and Crue Universidades Españolas have signed an agreement with Springer Nature to promote the growth of open access scientific publishing in Spain. Between CSIC, with 120 research centers and institutes that make it the largest research institution in Spain, and Crue, which integrates 58 universities in this agreement, they bring together some 200,000 researchers across the country.