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100% funding of Open Access articles in journals of the Royal Society of Chemistry for authors of the CSIC

The Unit for Scientific Information Resources for Research (URICI) on behalf of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), signed in January 2019 a new contract with the Royal Society of Chemistry, called "RSC Read & Publish", which gives access to the reading of all the journals of the RSC and that, in addition, allows the authors to publish in OA in the hybrid magazines of the publisher.

These are all those published by CSR, except those in which no subscription is paid for access (they are therefore not included Chemical Science, RSC Advances and Chemistry Education Research and Practice).

This "Read and publish" model covers 100% publication rates (APCs). The annual payment that the URICI makes to the CSR for the CSIC community to access its journals becomes payment to publish articles of this community in Open Access.

This is the first agreement reached by the URICI, fulfilling the objectives set out in its Action Plan: "Transformation of the CSIC results scientific communication business model / Transition of the current subscription licenses to the new open access paradigm "

The bases of the support program, which include the commitment of the authors to participate in Digital.CSIC and the link to the application form of this grant, are available here.

Support for opne access publication for CSIC researchers


Wednesday, 6 February 2019