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CSIC reinforces its support for open science by signing agreements with DOAB and OpenCitations

Within the dynamics of CSIC to actively collaborate with those institutions that promote all kinds of practices related to open science (in some initiatives as established and well known as ArXivCOARDataCite o DOAJ) CSIC has added this year its collaboration with DOAB and OpenCitation.
DOAB (Directory of Open Books) is an open access platform that brings together peer-reviewed academic e-books.
OpenCitation shares bibliographic data openly with the aim of becoming an alternative to traditional proprietary citation indexes such as Web of Science (WOS) or Scopus.

In order to facilitate access to information on all open science initiatives with which the CSIC collaborates, URICI has created the section “Soporte a infraestructuras de ciencia abierta” on its website. Access to this section can be found in the "Research Support" menu, where open science platforms are listed along with a brief description. It is also possible to locate them through the Virtual Library of the Network of Libraries and Archives of the CSIC.

Saturday, 3 July 2021